The one with the fall…

You know those bad moments that happen so slow and so fast at the same time? And as it’s happening you’re thinking, “Uh-oh…this is happening. It’s actually happening.” Well, I had this moment two days ago as I was leaving work, down in the parking garage. In short, I fell.


This isn’t a metaphor. I literally fell. Slipped and wiped out. In front of two co-workers and 6 or 7 strangers. The slip itself happened in such slow motion. I even caught myself. But in the process of catching myself, I tripped over my own foot and BAM, I fell faster than (can I use the Kardashian marriage reference again?) It just works.

How did I fall? Face first. Yes. If it wasn’t for my right arm and shoulder hitting the ground first, this would be a totally different story. My face would have smashed into the cement floor. I literally had no way to break my fall so all of my body weight and pressure landed on my elbow and shoulder as I slammed into the cement like a car and a freight train colliding. The train has no give and the car shatters to pieces.

As I told Adam, probably one of the more embarrassing moments of my life. I jumped up so fast and practically sprinted to my car as if trying to pretend it didn’t happen. As everyone else went their merry way probably saying, “HAHA, did you see that ?!”

The pain got worse as the night wore on and when I woke up yesterday morning, my arm felt like I had decided to do a million one-arm push-ups the night before. I was bruised, sore and aching. I still am!

I’m only telling you this story because, well, it’s funny. You have to be able to laugh at yourself when embarrassing moments take place. Trip and fall stories are always great. We all have one. Don’t lie. You’ve wiped out before. And it was probably hysterical.

It wasn’t the first time I fell and it won’t be the last. I think we all can agree on that – whether literally or metaphorically.

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