How to… be an imperfect parent, successfully (Part 1)

I love a good “how-to” book. Self-help. Advice. What to do when. But when it comes to parenting, I have yet to find one that truly tells you like it is and helps you navigate the everyday how-tos of what a day in the life of a Mommy looks like.

I’m not talking about articles like “How to soothe your child to sleep in three easy steps” or “How to create date nights with your husband” or “How to stop a tantrum in your toddler” where they genuinely think their advice helps you, comforts you and teaches you. I thank them for their efforts, but these articles and books tend to forget one major factor in their advice: the little humans themselves. Little humans cannot be “how to-ed.” No. There are no “how to’s” universal enough for all us parents out there parenting little humans as different as the snowflakes that fall to the ground that could possibly work for all of us (apparently every snowflake that falls is a different design — Go God).

Give me the realistic how-to’s. The ones that simply show you how to get by because when raising little humans, getting by is a successful day. The how to’s that get the job done, but perhaps not in the most ideal way. The how-to’s that we all, every single parent out there, can relate to because we are imperfect bigger humans trying to raise imperfect little humans to at least be better imperfect versions of us bigger humans raising them.

So with some inspiration from one of my favorite authors, Jen Hatmaker, who in her latest book wrote some hilarious, satirical “How To’s” on all sorts of everyday life occurrences (thank you for the laughs, Jen), it got me thinking about my own every day. What “advice” (laughable) could I give future parents ready to take the plunge or parents already… plunged(?) with me that will actually show them how to do this whole parenting thing: love them with everything you have, make it up as you go, and laugh about it along the way. As always, I wrote a few down and they are short, to the point, and written to make you feel better about yourself. I will try to post one weekly!

Here I share with you my first “How To” of my mothering experience in what I’m declaring a “series,” titled: How to… be an imperfect parent, successfully.



Step 1: Get dressed in front of your Toddler.

Step 2: Let Toddler see your butt and promptly yell, “YUCKY!”

Step 3: Declare “Yucky” the new slang for “Daaaang” and feel proud of your butt.


Stay tuned… 🙂

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